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Session 2 – Dark Dreams

January 12, 2011

Elhour was silent, seemingly still in shock following her abduction and near-death experience at the hands of the mysterious dark priest, Whitehand. Her mother, Lady Elwande was overcome at the sight of her daughter returning to the caravan and thanked the party feverishly… they would be well-paid for their efforts.

Captain Kyrill returned to the caravan shortly after the party, lightly wounded from a confrontation with hyenas in the wood. As he tells it the foul creatures attacked shortly after he split from the party. He expresses his thanks to the party, but Naivara is suspicious and turns her back on him. Draper follows suit and Kyrill takes the hint. After a short conference with Elwande, Kyrill tells the party that he will return to Fallcrest in the morning with the bodies of his slain company… it would do no good to delay their return to the families. The Lady asks the party to continue on with them to the shores of Lake Nen. Naivara questions Kyrill on Whitehand and is convinced that this was not a random attack… Kyrill says that he has never heard of the priest that they describe. Draper can sense his lie. But about what is he lying?

Forced to make camp in the dark forest, the caravan is once again attacked by a pack of hyenas on Cam’s watch. Cam and Naivara are perched on top of the carriages on the watch, but it is actually Draper’s wolf companion that first senses the hyenas’ approach. The hyenas beeline for Draper and Abraxus, both asleep by the smoldering embers of their campfire. The attack is vicious. Cam rains arrows down from his perch while Naivara focuses her psionic energy to tear at the feeble minds of the hyenas. Draper and Abraxus are surrounded, but Captain Kyrill flanks their common quarry to help turn the tide of the battle.

Draper falls and is near death. Naivara Fey Steps across the battlefield to administer First Aid to Draper, staunching the bleeding and calming his mind. Draper will survive to fight another day, but will be of no more help this night.

The hyenas are defeated, but the battle took a deeper toll than it should have… next time the party will need to be more alert, and more coordinated.

The party travels with Elwande and Elhour for two more (uneventful) days. The nights pass quietly. Clear skies and a nearly full Silver Moon seem to keep danger at bay. Elhour remains quiet, except for a quick personal thank you for Draper for pulling her from the clutches of the Carnage Demon.

“This is a debt that I will someday repay”

Comfortably camped on the shores of Lake Nen, morning greets the party with the arrival of two robed men in a small rowboat. Elwande approaches them as an old friend would. One is introduced as Garret, a clean-cut, jovial human who proceeds to promise the characters a splendid campfire meal. Elhour thanks the party and looks as if some great burden has been lifted from her… she is happy and her mind is clear. That afternoon Elwande, Elhour, and the second robed man depart for the secret island on which Elhour’s First Dream is to occur. The Silver Moon will be full this night, while the Dark Moon is new.

Naivara is reminded that Lake Nen is one of those places in this world where the veil that separates them from the Feywild is thin, especially so on a night such as this – no wonder it has special meaning to this human ceremony. This is no meaningless religious rite. Garret fills the party in on a bit of the history of the First Dream: Elhour is only 14 and very young to be taken to her First Dream (which seems to be at least partly Garret’s own idea); Elwande was closer to 30 when Garret attended her to her First Dream; the rite separates those strong with the Sight; there is no failure, just a normal life with occasional premonitions; but to “succeed” in the First Dream means admission to the Order.

The party is asleep, except Naivara who is deep in meditation (deeper than usual?). In her mind’s eye Naivara sees a field of black… Elhour’s face, panic-stricken… she yells as if out of desperation….


Naivara wakes his companions and tells them of the message. Each for their own reason, they agree to make haste to Winterhaven. Garret agrees that something of great import must be occurring, he will wait for the return of Elhour and her mother and escort them back to Fallcrest.

The party passes through Fallcrest on their way to Winterhaven to collect payment from the Markelhay household (a little cash might come in handy). They sign-on with a fur trader going to Winterhaven and almost make it to Winterhaven without incident when… Kobolds. (you’ve got to fight Kobolds at some point)

Jumping out from behind boulders alongside the road, the Kobolds come in two waves… minions first, dragonshields and slingers next. Abraxus leaps to the defense of the caravan and lights up the charging Kobolds with his Fire Breath. Naivara is on top of a carriage (again) and uses Mind Thrust to decimate any Kobold she can see. Draper and his wolf dance across the battlefield, distracting the Kobolds and making them easier targets for his companions. Cam seems to fill the air with arrows, the receiving end of which often ends in a gurgle and a thud as another Kobold falls.

The party is working together now… they’ve been on the road together for a couple of weeks and are learning each other’s strengths and weaknesses. They defeat the Kobolds handily and the fur trader is safe. They are only an hour or so outside of Winterhaven now…

DM’s Note: from this point forward you may recognize bits and pieces of this part of our story as the Wizards’ own Keep on the Shadowfell… but I’ll likely tweak it quite a bit. If you’re one of my players… don’t go reading KotS, it won’t help you. 🙂


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  1. Marty permalink

    I was wondering when the Kobolds would make an appearance. 🙂

    The homebrews sound like a nice addition to the gaming… any electronic locks yet?

  2. no… but I’ve told the party to brush up on the coefficient of friction.

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