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Session 2 – The Party Forms

January 12, 2011

Great session last night… and the party’s first encounters with “real” characters. As I described last post, I had ten pre-gen characters for the guys to choose from last time – in the hope that we could introduce everybody to the action quickly. While a bit random, I think it worked out well. Since then, each of the players has been working up their own characters.

So let’s do some introductions…

Cam Wethrin’ion

Elven Hunter Ranger

Our striker, Cam, has already proven himself an accomplished archer (though I’m not sure if he is capable of firing just one arrow in a turn, it always seems to be at least 2). Cam’s estranged (dead-beat?) father is a master thief, and while Cam has chosen another path in life, he definitely got his dad’s stealthy manner.


Half-Elven Spring Sentinel

Draper is a woodsman, a friend to animals (except gnolls and their nasty ilk), and a natural leader. I’d be remiss if I introduced Draper without mentioning his companion, a loyal wolf ready to risk its own blood to protect his master. Together, Draper and his companion will surely rid the land of those damn gnolls.


Dragonborn Harrier Battlemind

Tough as nails, Abraxus learned at an early age that the world could be an ugly place. Orphaned by a gang leader, Abraxus augments his natural physical prowess with a fierce psionic energy that feeds off the need to revenge his parents. He is the sworn defender of his companions and those unable to protect themselves.

Naivara as’Alcarin Moonsight

Eladrin Telekinetic Psion

Quiet, reserved, brilliant… gorgeous (alright, she’s hot). Naivara has sensed a great darkness that threatens the prime material world and, eventually, the Feywild. A psionic controller by nature and nurture, her mental abilities are already fearsome.

Next time: our party comes together and the story continues…

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