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Session 3 – Winterhaven

January 26, 2011

After cleaning their blades of foul-smelling kobold blood, the party arrived in Winterhaven not long before sunset. Their fur merchant claimed a spot in the square for Winterhaven’s upcoming Market Day and it didn’t take the party long to find themselves at the bar of Wrafton’s Inn, washing away the parched throats of a long road and arranging for lodging. Salvana Wrafton and her busboy Erik greeted them readily and they spend the night meeting a few of the locals.


Valthrun comes to the Inn every night from his tower down the street. He is an excitable, energetic young man eager to learn from the tomes passed down to him by his late master. A student of history, Valthrun knows a bit more than the average townsperson about the lay of the land, but there are huge gaps in Winterhaven’s history that Valthrun cannot yet help the party with. Aside from the increasingly dangerous kobold threat in the wood nearby, Valthrun doesn’t provide any hint as to what has Elhour panicked.

Lord Padraig seems a good enough man, worried about the kobolds, but not so worried so as to abstain from a few glasses of wine at the Inn. Ninarin, an attractive Elven woman, does not seem to like Padraig… “shouldn’t he do something about the Cult that’s taken up residence behind the waterfall?” Cam feels a bit more in his element in town, and works up the courage to approach Ninarin without his newfound party by his side… a smile is all he gets for his efforts. That and a rough map to the waterfall.

The night is more than uneventful, it is restful, and quite welcome as it has been a hard road for the better part of the week.

Ninarin is nowhere to be found the next morning and there is somewhat reluctant consensus to avoid Padraig for the morning and set out on their own for the waterfall. What if Ninarin is right and Padraig is in denial about this cult?

About an hour outside of Winterhaven, on the King’s Road again and, not again… kobolds. They’ve taken most of the party by surprise, leaping out from behind boulders along side the road. Dragonshields this time… with a Ssink and a wyrmpriest. The dragonshields are shifty little bastards, making it hard for Abraxus to lock down the battlefield as he does so well. Worse than that, the wyrmpriest is hurling balls of acidic energy into combat wreaking havoc on Naivara, Draper, and Abraxus. Cam’s bow hums as arrow after arrow are deflected by the kobold’s shields, but more than once his longsword leaps from its scabbard in hand to hand combat. These are shifty little bastards… and tough.

Even with a Healing Word from Draper, Abraxus goes down under the constant pounding of the dragonshield’s assault. Naivara Fey Steps clear of the wyrmpriest’s acid attacks but stumbles as she clambers down a boulder, falling unconscious but out of sight of the enemy. Cam attempts to administer First Aid to Abraxus but is unsuccessful and moves to protect Naivara, slaughtering the kobold slink. Like a battlefield medic, Draper administers First Aid to Abraxus to stop the bleeding… this is the closest brush with death the party has seen yet (2 failed saves).

Back on her feet, Naivara launches an assault on the minds of her assailants (Hell hath no fury…). As kobolds finally begin go down Draper and Cam find themselves reinvigorated (rolling double digits again) and the remaining kobolds begin to rout. Not going to happen… the wyrmpriest is cut down from behind just before he reaches the safety of the wood.

The party survived, but some would say only barely… it was an unpleasant reminder that kobolds are monsters too… shifty, bastardy, little monsters.

Having dispatched with the kobold ambush, the party was anxious to reach the waterfall and discover what secrets it hides. They approach cautiously and, this time, are able to plan a surprise attack on the kobolds (again? really?) milling about around the shallow river.

Cam and Naivara begin with a ranged volley nearly killing a nearby kobold skirmisher in the opening round. Draper stays back at first, sending out his wolf companion to finish off the skirmisher. Abraxus is eager to prove himself after a humiliating fall on the road and charges at the biggest, baddest kobold he can find. The opening volley is shocking and takes the kobolds off guard, but as they look around to find their attackers, Abraxus is the only threat they see… and so the descend upon him like a swarm of reptilian vermin. It is not pretty and Abraxus takes serious damage… but it doesn’t stop him. Abraxus throws his shoulders back and does what Dragonborn always do when they’re REALLY PISSED… he lights them all up with a nice fiery breath weapon. There’s just nothing like the smell of freshly roasted kobold in the morning.

Draper joins the fray with Abraxus and a coordinated attack with his wolf ends the pathetic lives of a couple more kobolds. Naivara and Cam spend a few more seconds hailing death from the tree line until Naivara, spying a kobold making for a hidden path behind the waterfall, attempts to “convince” it to jump into the river. In a rare display of self-control (a 19), the kobold stays its ground. Time is short and Cam charges out of the tree line to land two arrows, one after the other, in the neck of the stubborn kobold… he was going to end up in that river one way or the other.

What’s on the other side of that waterfall? The party is determined to find out… but not for a couple of weeks!

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