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Session 4 – Irontooth’s Lair

February 19, 2011

DM’s Note: before I begin, let my say that this last session was a learning experience for me. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time… and I think the players did as well. But it was… well… brutal. I planned two encounters with some role-playing for the evening and we just barely got through the first encounter. It should have been tough – something like a mid-level boss fight. But it turned out to be really tough… too tough for the 1st level party. They all survived in the end, but it shouldn’t have been that hard. Upon further analysis, I think it was my fault… I was running the encounter pretty much out of KotS, but forgot to adjust for 4 characters instead of 5. I’m surprised that it made such a big difference, but I think that it was at least a major contributor. I’ll be more careful next time. Smile

And now… on with the show…

We last saw our brave adventurers outside of what they believed to be a cultish hide-out. They had slaughtered the kobold gang at the bottom of the waterfall and had found a narrow, hidden path that seemed to lead behind the falls. A short rest is all they dared risk… their handiwork would surely be discovered any minute now, they needed to press on.

Cam carefully tread down the hidden path, taking care not to reveal himself to anyone he might see inside. Just behind the waterfall he can make out a large cave-like chamber… kobolds milling about. This doesn’t feel like a cult hideout, more like a simple kobold lair, but there would be time to ask questions later.

The party argues briefly over a plan of attack, but the majority rules and their going in guns a-blazin’. First Cam makes his way as far into the cave as he can without being detected. He hopes to get the jump on a couple of kobolds before the battle ensues. From across the first passageway Cam gets a better view of the cave and puts two arrows into one of the bigger looking baddies before Abraxus charges the nearest group of kobolds. Draper send his Companion Wolf deep into the cave to attack from the flank and Naivara stays close to the path working her psionic influence over their adversaries from a safe distance.

It is a bloody battle. As they carve their way through the kobolds, Naivara moves left down the first corridor beyond the cave entrance, hoping to get away from a couple of “spear-chuckers” (technical term). Instead she finds herself confronting wave 2 – including a large goblin charging our of one of the rear chambers, a battle axe in each hand. Naivara weaves knots in the goblin’s brain as she retreats, slowing him long enough for Cam to enter the fray and do some damage.

Cam gets behind their enemy and makes a run for the wyrmpriest reigning fireballs across the main chamber, but gets cornered alone against the wyrmpriest and two other kobolds. Draper sees Cam fall and fights his way to his companion’s side to administer First Aid.

Now Abraxus and Naivara are doing most of the damage – Draper and Cam are seriously hurting… both having been knocked unconscious. The tide of battle ebbs and flows making it difficult to pre-determine the outcome. Abraxus is bloodied and lashing out with his long sword like a cornered dragon. Naivara has pushed her psionics beyond her practiced thresholds and can feel the kobold’s animal fury leaking back into her own thoughts.

It is part luck, part desperation that finally slays the last kobold and Irontooth the goblin’s lair is secure.

Naivara finds a silver key hanging around Irontooth’s neck which opens a large chest in the back of the cave. A suit of Delver’s Hide Armor and a pile of gold will have to be reward enough for now… but Cam spies one more thing. A note open on a table in the chamber from which Irontooth had charged:

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