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Session 5a – Nentir’s Valley

March 9, 2011

With Kalarel’s note to Irontooth in hand, the party knows what they have to do… find the hidden burial ground, find Agrid, and stop him from delivering “the eye” to Kalarel. The problem is that they don’t know where the hidden burial ground is, have no idea who (or what) Agrid is, are not completely sure what “the eye” might be, and couldn’t pick Kalarel out of a crowd if their life depended upon it. So where to begin?

Back in Winterhaven, Naivara learns that an “adventurer-type” has been through town a couple of weeks back, looking for an old burial ground. The old man remembers a local folktale about an ancient burial ground in the wood to the South… perhaps that’s the spot?

In the Wrafton Inn, the party finds Valthrun at his customary table for dinner, pouring over old texts on the Empire of Nerath. There was even more to the local history of Winterhaven than he had guessed:

  • The Nentir Vale used to just be called the Eastern Borderlands of the Empire
  • Nentir was a powerful mage that lived in the last days of the Empire with his 4 children in the Borderlands
  • In the days after the collapse of the Empire, the area became knows as Nentir’s Valley
  • There are a few references to something Nentir was working on as the Empire fell – something called the Nentir Veil

Naivara spends part of the night doing research in Valthrun’s tower (by invitation) and also finds an ancient map of the area…some of the features have changed, but most interestingly, it identifies locations that have been long forgotten…

Nentir Vale Blog

The Nentir Vale (today)

Nentir Valley Blog

The Easter Borderlands of the Empire of Nerath (Nentir’s Valley),
the page is titled “The High Road of Nerath”

But back to the task at hand… Agrid (who/whatever he/she is) must be stopped, and to do that our heroes must make their way to the ancient burial ground to the south of Winterhaven. But they don’t yet realize just what awaits them when they arrive…

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