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Session 5b – The Burial Ground

April 3, 2011

The location of the supposed burial ground was not far from Winterhaven… no more than a 2 hour walk South. The sounds of digging in the distance ahead slowed the so-far uneventful journey. Creeping up on the dig site, the party found a clearing in the wood surrounded by the remnants of ancient statues… idols perhaps. Silent wardens.

From the edge of the wood and behind the scattered boulders the party doesn’t see a long-forgotten burial ground, but instead a massive pit, freshly and haphazardly dug. At the top of the pit two Drakes wearily stand guard. On his knees at the center of the pit a dirty Gnome is brushing fine silt from a large skull embedded into the rock. A dark robed figure oversees the gnome’s work from the far side of the excavation. The figure is standing perfectly still and yet it seems to shift back and forth like an image refracted through shallow water.

A failed stealth check alerts the Drakes to the party’s presence. The gnome at the bottom of the pit hastens his work, extracting from the ground a dark crystalline orb and moving towards the dark figure with it. The Drakes pounce on the party as they emerge from the wood and battle ensues.

Almost immediately, the dark figure gestures in the air in front of him as if commanding something to rise from the ground. Abraxus is suddenly surrounded by shadowy tentacles that erupt from around his feet. As the tentacles wrap around his legs, Abraxus swings his long sword at the air in front of him but before his swing is complete he teleports across the pit and lands his blade in the side of the robed figure.

Damaged and threatened, the robed figure shifts through the air to the side of the Gnome to retrieve the newly unearthed orb. The robed figure shifts in and out of vision as it makes its way away from the pit… beginning a Northern retreat from the battlefield. His voice can be heard commanding “Use the Scroll Agrid!”. The Gnome turns his attention to the party and pulls a scroll out of his pouch.

As the party slaughters the Drakes protecting Agrid, the retreating figure turns and makes one last gesture in the air in front of him. This time six Zombies break out of the ground at the bottom of the pit and lumber towards the party. Agrid is engrossed in the enchantment of his ritual scroll.

The party is sure that this robed figure is Kalarel (see IronTooth’s Note). Abraxus and Cam do all they can to stop his retreat from the battlefield, but his ability to shift in and out of sight, teleporting from place to place makes it impossible to stop him cold. Kalarel escapes and as Naivara and Draper deal with the threatening Zombies Agrid completes his ritual scroll…

From the ground at Agrid’s feet explodes the bony remains of an ancient dragon. The newly raised Dracolich thrashes in confusion, one eye glowing with necrotic magic. Thrust back into this world after a 1,000 year slumber, the Dracolich pounds its skeletal wings on the ground and issues a screeching roar that echoes with the voices of a thousand of innocents slaughtered in its previous life. Its vile breath washes over the party, the remaining Zombies, and Agrid. The stalwart party largely resists the effects of the infant Dracolich’s breath but Agrid screams in terror as his mind collapses on itself.

Naivara takes advantage of the Dracolich’s confusion to get into what is left of its mind and slam it to the ground. Lashing about in confusion and pain, the Dracolich attempts to vault into the air but Naivara maintains her hold and brings it crashing down again. With Agrid and the Zombies eliminated, the entire party is focused on containing the fledgling Dracolich, which defends itself viciously. When it finally breaks free of Naivara’s mind control, it launches into the air crying “You have defeated me once, but it will not happen again!”

The Dracolich flies off to the Northwest leaving the bloodied and beaten party on the ground far below.

And Kalarel has the eye.

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