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Session 6a – Renewed Urgency

April 14, 2011

Ever since Elhour’s midnight warning (or plea, depending upon how you look at it) the party felt the urgency in their task. But as they saw Kalarel’s spectral projection get away with the dragon’s eye the feeling took on new life. They needed to find Kalarel and stop him from opening the rift… and they needed to do it soon. Irontooth’s note had at least told them that.

It seemed clear that Kalarel was working on unleashing an unspeakable evil upon the Nentir Vale. Back to Winterhaven to check on Valthrun’s research. What seemed like incoherent bits of a story long-forgotten start to come together:

  • North of Winterhaven lies the ruins of an ancient keep… The Keep on the Shadowfell
  • While the locals all believe that the Keep was built to secure the Easternmost border of the Nerathian Empire, it was actually built to protect a sealed rift to Orcus’ Tower the Shadowfell
  • Is it possible that Elhour sensed a break in the seal during her First Dream? Is the rift already open? Or does Kalarel need the ancient magic encased within the dragon’s eye to break the seal placed over the rift so many years ago?

Exhausted from their battle at the burial ground, the party rests one more night in Winterhaven before setting off for the keep in the morning. Perhaps the endgame will reveal itself before the sun sets again on the small town at the edge of the Vale.

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