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Session 6b – Goblins in the Morning

April 16, 2011

The good citizens of Winterhaven wake in a foul mood. Across the town and the farmland that surrounds, children are grumpy, parents are on edge, and the artisans and laborers unconsciously brace themselves for what already feels like a bad day. A few early risers on this morning might have taken a moment to look up and see Cam, Naivara, Abraxus, and Draper leaving town on the North road as the dawn gates opened. No four in Winterhaven would have a worse day than these…

The party arrived at the ruins of the Keep close to mid-day. The sun was high but the grounds around the ruins seemed cold and silent. The sounds of the forest faded behind them as if every natural beast within 100 yards had retreated from an invisible predator. It wasn’t difficult for Cam to spot the trail through the ruins that led to a crumbling stone staircase in the center of the ruins. It looked as though the stairs had just been excavated in the months before, but little care had been taken to conceal it. Who in their right mind would descend into the darkness voluntarily?

Descending into the darkness, Cam moves quietly ahead of the party to assess the area. A few short moments later he returns to the stop of the stairs: a torchlit chamber at the bottom of the stairs, a goblin guard at the far side. This has to be it… perhaps Kalarel has employed the goblins to keep curious townsfolk out. Now at the bottom of the stairs, the party fans out into the room with authority.

Cam and Naivara move along the East wall, arrows and mental blows reigning down on the unsuspecting goblin guard. Draper and Abraxus move along the West side of the room, but Draper sends his wolf companion straight over a concealed pit that the goblins had dug in the middle of the room. With a howl, the wolf falls to the bottom of the pit as the stone-colored cloth laid carefully over the hole in the floor collapses under its weight.

Three more goblins run into the room and join the fray, but the are no match for the well-rested party. The goblins’ ranged attacks cause a fair share of damage, but they fight a losing battle. As his comrades fall one goblin flees down the Eastern corridor in terror… shouting in alarm as he passes through the door at the end of the corridor.

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