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Session 6c – Secrets Uncovered

April 30, 2011

The fleeing goblin had gotten to the end of the corridor and through a door. Hot in pursuit, the four adventurers race down the hall and breach the door, not sure exactly what to expect, but quite sure that the goblin would only flee until it finds reinforcements. Supported by greater numbers, it would stand and fight.

The goblin did find some support on the other side of that door, but it also backed itself into a corner. Once through the door, the party found themselves in the middle of a makeshift excavation. The floor of the large chamber has been torn up, leaving only isolated patches of the ancient tile work. All around the room the goblins have dug down almost 10’ below the original floor.

The goblins and their guard drakes are no match for the party. A brief but bloody battle ensues within the newly dug pits. There are no exits this time… a fight to the death. The goblins furthest from the party run to their javelins and score a few hits before Abraxus leaps across the pit and puts an end to them with his long sword.

After the battle, it is quiet for the first time since the party entered into this dungeon below the ruins of the keep. The sounds of battle are replaced with an eerie silence that permeates the room. Exerted from the battle, the party takes a moment to investigate the goblin’s excavation site. At the center of the room is a partially uncovered stone platform. Brushing the remaining earth aside, the four can now see the full extent of a low, round stone platform, approximately 10’ in diameter. Carved from a single piece of blank onyx, the platform is inscribed with intricate detail and runes that Naivara recognizes immediately as arcane – the magic of motion.

Along one edge of the platform is a raised railing, also fashioned from stone, and inscribed on the railing are 5 large symbols, each with a faceted recess beneath it.


DM Note: please forgive the horrible mismatch of real world symbology here. I realize that there are Egyptian, Celtic, and possible Satanic symbols here. I’m not the artist I wish I was, but I can craft a mean search string.

It’s Cam that remembers these symbols from the map they found in Valthrun’s tower. Only one symbol is missing, the one closest to their current location. And the central carving on the platform does not appear on the map at all. Naivara can’t determine immediately how to activate the ancient magic within this platform. She needs time to study it… she wants time to study it, but time seems a luxury right now. Kalarel is here somewhere.

Out of the silence a woman’s voice, echoing as if coming from very far away, but at the same time seeming to come from the walls themselves:

Artor… what’s the matter?

Artor! what are you doing?! No! Please! Aaaahhh!

And the scream is silenced by the sound of steel against bone.

Mama! Mama I heard you scream.. what?!

Papa, mama’s been hurt! Fetch a healer! Papa… what? No!

The girl’s voice, almost ghostly in its innocence, is cut short before she can scream.

They don’t understand the significance of the goblin’s discovery, but time seems shorter now than even it did just a few minutes ago. They must press on…

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