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Session 7a – Sir Keegan’s Fall

May 1, 2011

Goblin’s guarding the entrance, a mysterious platform, the ghostly screams of a family slaughtered. Their time under the Keep on the Shadowfell hasn’t been physically demanding (yet) as much as it has taken a toll on their psyche. Cam, Draper, Naivara, and Abraxus can’t tell how much time the have to stop Kalarel, but with each heartbeat they can feel it slipping away.

Abraxus wipes as much goblin blood off of his blade as he can. Naivara begins building the mental barriers that protect her mind from intrusion. Cam pulls a few surviving arrows for use against a future foe. Draper takes a moment to strengthen his spectral companion… but a familiar voice interrupts his concentration.

My protector, time grows short. I see a great darkness that comes with the full Dark Moon. Beware that which is offered in peace.

Elhour’s voice touches Draper’s mind from miles away with encouragement and a warning. This is the first time Draper has experienced direct telepathy of this sort and he shares the message with his companions. Naivara immediately concentrates on a Sending ritual to reach out to Elhour directly, assuring her that they understood the urgency of her warning. The full Dark Moon comes tomorrow night. Onward.

Not sure if the ghostly screams are real or simply echoes of a tragedy long forgotten, the party delves deeper into the dungeon. They choose a narrow cave tunnel… it appears to leave the constructed part of the dungeon and into a series of natural caverns. Could the rift be amongst these old caves? The inhabitants of these caves (giant rats, ochre jelly, a kruthnik hive) all serve to slow the party’s progress, but pose little threat. Still, weariness is already setting in… even small hits, taken over and over again, start to wear the resolve of even the staunchest adventurer.

More ghostly shouts and the sounds of battle,

He’s trying to get to the rift, he must be stopped. He’s lost his mind.

And then later, 

We have him cornered in the caverns… the rift is safe. You four… finish him!

The now visible memories of a harried knight, his eyes mad with fury, and four soldiers run past the part and through a great pair of bronze doors. Beyond the doors the party is attacked by a blue slime… their battle playing out as a spectral fight to the death takes place beside them. The mad knight kills two of the soldiers in an attempt to leave the room but is held back by the remaining two. Eventually, he falls to his knees with a sword in his chest. The furious expression on the knight’s face fades away and the two soldiers drop their weapons to catch the knight before he falls unceremoniously to the floor. All three disappear.

A quick look around… a few items scattered about including an ancient shield that Abraxus picks up. The blue slime attacked from a pool of water in the room. Beneath the surface of the water Cam can see that the natural cave wall is replaced with worked stone. Looking closer he can even see small handholds that might have been designed for climbing. No way to get down there now… and it’s impossible to tell how deep it is. Based on the words spoken by the ghostly soldiers, the rift isn’t in this part of the dungeon…they took a wrong turn and wasted precious time! Back to the entrance…

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