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Session 7c – Sir Keegan’s Legacy

May 5, 2011

Upon passing through the great double doors at the end of the magnificent crypt, the party enters a small chamber with a single granite coffin. Clearly the final resting place of a great noble or knight. The markings on the coffin reveal that this place dates back to the Nerathian Empire. Sculpted into the lid of the coffin is the relief of a warrior, lying with his hands grasping the hilt of a great sword. As the party approaches for a closer look the spirit of that warrior appears above the coffin, “You shall die before you get the chance to open the rift!”

Hands leap to weapons, but calmer heads prevail…

“We’ve come to prevent the rift from being open… to stop those who wish to see it opened once again.”

Through quick thinking, diplomatic speech, and even a few impressive demonstrations of might, the party learns that this is the spirit of Sir Keegan, the last Knight Prime of the Keep of the Shadowfell. They convince Sir Keegan that they are on a noble mission and learn more about the Keep and its history.

DM Note: this was the party’s first formal skill challenge and it went very well…

Abraxus realizes that the shield on Keegan’s arm is the very shield he picked up in the caverns earlier in the day… in the room where they watched Sir Keegan’s death played out. And now they all realize that this scene has played out every day for 1,000 years. This is Keegan’s Curse… to listen and watch the brutal slaughter of his family and his men until the rift can be completely destroyed.

Keegan recognizes a presence in Abraxus, and sees that he carries his very own shield, emblazoned with the symbol of Bahamut. “You bear the mark of the Lord of Justice. Take my sword, Aecris, to wield with that shield. Use them wisely and justly.”

And as the rest of the party discusses the recent events at the Keep, Abraxus seeks out the solitude of an altar in the previous chamber… lays down his own sword on the stone and prays, for the first time in his life, to a deity protector… to Bahamut. The mark on his back burns at his flesh and before his eyes, his common sword is transformed into a magnificent weapon. At the base of its blade are set three diamonds and seven tiny gold birds. The pommel bears a platinum carving of the dragon himself.

Sir Keegan cannot leave his tomb, and can offer no further assistance to the party, but he guides their next moves through the dungeon… the threats between here and the rift are numerous, but at least now the party is less likely to waste time going down a dead-end corridor.

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