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Session 7d – The Trap

May 13, 2011

Deeper still beneath the Keep on the Shadowfell, the four adventurers have already cut their way through all manner of beasts – both natural and unnatural. But this room seems devoid of life. At its center stands a great statue of a warrior facing smaller statues of two dragons, their stone mouths agape. Spotting a small panel on the base of the central status, Cam moves in for a closer look but as he approaches, the 15’ tall statue springs to life swinging its drawn bastard sword at him and knocking him prone.

Naivara attempts to edge slowly around the room, outside of the range of the statues mighty blade but is blasted with magical fire from the gaping mouth of the nearest dragon statue. Realizing that the path around was blocked, Cam makes another break for the panel, this time sliding under the statue’s swing. Naivara uses her telekinetic abilities to throw the panel aside just as Cam reaches the pedestal. Once inside the base, Cam easily disables the internal mechanisms controlling the silent attacker.

Once on the other side of the room, the party finds a short hallway leading to a set of double-doors. The evil cold is stronger here than anywhere they’ve explored so far. At each of the four corners of the hallway stands a statue of a cherub holding a tipped clay urn. Draper steps into the hallway to more closely inspect the statues and finds himself trapped between walls of force – one separating him from his companions and the other blocking his way through to the double-doors. And just as Draper realizes that he is trapped, water starts to pour from the urn in each cherub’s arms. It comes slowly at first but the flow quickly increases until a deluge is quickly filling the space between the invisible walls.

Draper desperately examines the cherubs looking for a way to stop the flow of water. In less than a minute, his head will be under water… a minute after that he’ll be dead. From the other side of the wall, Naivara, Abraxus, and Cam shout suggestions at Draper. Abraxus consults with Naivara… their mental training has given them each the ability to step through the wall of force and into the trap with Draper. But what if they aren’t able to disable it? Then they would both die…

Wait! Abraxus could teleport Draper out of the trap… excellent! But no. What if the only way to disarm this trap is from the inside. Draper needed to stay in the whirlpool forming at his feet for as long as possible and disable this trap if they were to reach Kalarel.

Out of desperation, Draper strikes one of the cherubs, breaking the urn in the process. The flow of water slows and then stops. There are still three statues to destroy and the water is already approaching 4 feet deep… but he had stumbled upon the secret!

Abraxus and Naivara phase step into the water with their friend and successfully destroy the remaining three statues. The fourth falls as the water reaches Naivara’s nose and the wall of force keeping Cam dry collapses. A wall of water and heroes crashes into the room.

Exhausted, the party agrees that they need a rest. If their information is correct, Kalarel will complete his ritual tomorrow during the full Dark Moon. For now, they will rest in the safest place they’ve found in this ruin… Sir Keegan’s own tomb.


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