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Session 9a – Almost there…

June 27, 2011

Weeks after they first met on an escort job, Naivara, Cam, Abraxus, and Draper now stand over the dead body of the dark priest of Orcus, Kalarel. The menacing portal to Orcus’ palace within the Shadowfell is writhing with dark energy before them. The job is only half done… but this second half is the greater mystery. How exactly does one close a partially open rift between planes?

With little time to debate strategy, Naivara is the first to act, evading the flailing tentacles as she darts to the spell book Kalarel was using to invoke the ritual to open the portal. Cam spies the glowing gems on the rod of the monstrous statue of Orcus in the room and adeptly climbs up the status to smash them. Draper holds his ground in front of the portal, channeling primal and healing energy directly into it, disrupting the negative energy holding the rift open. Abraxus spots a weakness in the stone archway in which the portal has been constructed and uses brute strength to partially collapse it.

While success may seem imminent, the portal tentacles still flail about the room, eventually plucking Cam from his perch atop the statue. Cam is pulled toward the rift itself, but Abraxus steps in to rescue his Companion by teleporting him out of the tentacle’s grasp. Abraxus lets his guard down to concentrate on the rescue and is himself entangled in the dark tentacles.

Once Naivara sees the ritual in Kalarel’s book, she is able to construct a psionic disruption to further weaken the portal, but as the party continues to make progress closing the portal, Abraxus is dragged closer and closer to the rift. With little time to spare, they decide to expend their remaining energy in a final attempt to close the rift, hoping that alone will destroy the tentacles and free Abraxus. Seconds later, the gamble works and the portal collapses, leaving only an opening under an unassuming stone archway. Both Kalarel and his portal have been defeated, but not without leaving their mark on the party (and their now enchanted weapons).

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