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Session 9b – A Hero’s Welcome

June 29, 2011

Collecting themselves after a very difficult fight to close Kalarel’s portal to Orcus’ palace, the party finds themselves with a few new items and a few new scars. Naivara gently removes the Dragoneye that Kalarel was using to power his rift to the Shadowfell. Almost sphere-like, the dark blue, thousand-faceted artifact will be an ideal implement through which to channel her psionic abilities. Draper’s scimitar was touched by shadow as it landed the blow that bloodied Kalarel… wounds left by the now black blade of the weapon will not heal easily. Cam’s bow brought Kalarel to his knees just as he was about to unleash a magical barrage on the party… instead, all of that energy entered the bow, infusing it with electrical magic.

Investigating the cathedral around them more closely, they can now see that the archway in which the portal was forming leads into a dark chamber. It is the only obvious way out (except back up the blood-soaked chains) and the party chooses that as their most likely way back to the surface. The dark chamber through which they pass is a bit of a mystery of its own. The walls, ceiling, and floor are too far away to see in the darkness, beyond the reach of their light source. They walk upon a narrow stone bridge that heads directly across the vast space and, eventually, to a recently excavated tunnel with a slight upward grade. Eager for the comfort of Winterhaven, the party presses ahead, leaving the mystery of the massive chamber for another day.

At the top of the tunnel, the party encounters the last of Kalarel’s minions… three large bugbears stationed at the opening of the tunnel to guard this entrance to the cathedral buried beneath the forest. Still weakened from the fights earlier in the day, the party approaches combat cautiously, but the bugbears are no match for them.

Back in Winterhaven, they are greeted by Valthrun who has been anxiously awaiting their return. Valthrun has shared what he knows of Kalarel and the ancient Keep on the Shadowfell with Lord Padraig and has now been instructed to invite the party to meet with Padraig upon their return.

Gathered in the comfortable sitting room of Lord Padraig’s manor, the party relates the story of the past couple of weeks to an enthralled Padraig. He immediately expresses his gratitude for the service that the four have done for Winterhaven, declaring that the town will celebrate their new heroes on the very next day. He also decides that the real threat, Kalarel, should not become general knowledge amongst the townspeople, recommending instead that they focus on the elimination of Irontooth and his Kobold raiders. This was a more visible threat anyway, and one that the people could celebrate with worrying further about how close they had come to destruction. But for both victories, each of the four will be honored with a new title “Hero of WInterhaven”.

During the conversation with Padraig, Cam spots a shadow on the other side of the open door to the sitting room… evidence of a figure standing just out of site, likely listening to the conversation. Abruptly, the shadow disappears and Cam quickly slips out the door without bringing attention to himself. The short pursuit takes Cam deeper into the house, following just the trailing edge of a cloak as it turns corner after corner. Finally, Cam turns a corner to be confronted with a smiling Ninarin, dressed in tight, dark green leather travelling clothes, a silken cape draped around her shoulders. Few words are exchanged… “I can’t say more now, but know that you will learn more of us when the time is right. Take this token of our protection.” And she turns and rounds another corner, this time disappearing without a trace. Cam quietly returns to the sitting room, now with a small bundle under his arm. Padraig and the others are extending their farewells, and never noticed Cam’s absence.

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