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Session 9c – Assassins!

August 16, 2011

Back in their room in Wrafton’s Inn after a day of celebration, the newly dubbed Heroes of Winterhaven settle in for a well-deserved rest. The innkeeper, Salvanna, moved the party of four to the two nicest rooms in the inn… second floor, facing the street and the city gates. Cam, Draper, and Abraxus quickly fall into a deep sleep and Naivara settles in to an Eladrin meditation, keenly aware of her surroundings as she is every night. Once again it seems that her diligence on watch has averted a disastrous end for the party as she hears the door to her room slide open.

Because I’ve gotten so far behind in these posts, I’m going to abbreviate my recap of these next few episodes in an effort to catch up.

Behind the now open door is a gnoll holding the leash of a hyena. It’s clear that this gnoll has been tracking his prey for some time… and the hyena has finally caught up with the scent. Naivara shouts a word of warning to wake up her companions and leaps to action. What should have been an easy victory comes with great difficulty as the party is caught unawares, starting out prone in bed without their weapons in hand. It’s not until the first few blows have been exchanged that they realize that another, larger gnoll with jet black fur and an executioner’s axe has snuck in through the windows, keeping to the shadows

While gnolls and their hyenas keep the party busy across the two rooms, the dark gnoll lashes out from the shadows, ultimately knocking Naivara unconscious with a blow to the head. After a rough start, the party slays the gnoll hunters and turns their attention to the dark assassin. When it is clear that the gnoll is outnumbered, it leaps out of the window and attempts an escape… but the party isn’t about to let it get away that easily.

After a desperate chase through the dark streets of Winterhaven, (Cam on the roof tops, Abraxus and Draper out the window, and Naivara alerting the guards on duty) the gnoll is captured and intimidated to reveal his master – Whitehand wants the party dead and is willing to pay dearly to make it happen.

Padraig offers rooms in his manor house for the remainder of the night and doubles the guard in the city. There will not likely be another attack tonight, but extra measures are taken to make sure that there isn’t another incursion.

The next morning, the Lord Padraig’s butler, Tisin, shows the party around the manor, including Padraig’s study where they find a painting supposedly enchanted to reveal the weather in the surrounding country side. In the painting is a woman that looks remarkably like Elhour, only a 20 years older. She stands with her arms outstretched in front of a silver chair. Tisin reveals that there were three other paintings removed from this room that have turned black with age. Naivara negotiates with Padraig to have the remaining three paintings shipped to Fallcrest for further research (they appear to be magical – perhaps there is a way to restore the images).

The following morning the party departs for Fallcrest, completes an uneventful journey and takes a room at the Silk and Blade in town.

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