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Session 7d – The Trap

Deeper still beneath the Keep on the Shadowfell, the four adventurers have already cut their way through all manner of beasts – both natural and unnatural. But this room seems devoid of life. At its center stands a great statue of a warrior facing smaller statues of two dragons, their stone mouths agape. Spotting a small panel on the base of the central status, Cam moves in for a closer look but as he approaches, the 15’ tall statue springs to life swinging its drawn bastard sword at him and knocking him prone.

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Awesome D&D video

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You’ve got to check out this D&D video.

Roll a D6 from Connor Anderson on Vimeo.

Session 7c – Sir Keegan’s Legacy

Upon passing through the great double doors at the end of the magnificent crypt, the party enters a small chamber with a single granite coffin. Clearly the final resting place of a great noble or knight. The markings on the coffin reveal that this place dates back to the Nerathian Empire. Sculpted into the lid of the coffin is the relief of a warrior, lying with his hands grasping the hilt of a great sword. As the party approaches for a closer look the spirit of that warrior appears above the coffin, “You shall die before you get the chance to open the rift!”

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Session 7b – The Crypts

Retracing their steps back through the silent corridors of the dungeon, the adventurers find themselves in an ancient crypt. The stone walls are lined with small iron doors, embossed with the heraldry of knights long dead. Based on the age of the of the metalwork, these likely hold the fallen soldiers of the original Keep. But how peaceful has their rest been?

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Session 7a – Sir Keegan’s Fall

Goblin’s guarding the entrance, a mysterious platform, the ghostly screams of a family slaughtered. Their time under the Keep on the Shadowfell hasn’t been physically demanding (yet) as much as it has taken a toll on their psyche. Cam, Draper, Naivara, and Abraxus can’t tell how much time the have to stop Kalarel, but with each heartbeat they can feel it slipping away.

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Session 6c – Secrets Uncovered

The fleeing goblin had gotten to the end of the corridor and through a door. Hot in pursuit, the four adventurers race down the hall and breach the door, not sure exactly what to expect, but quite sure that the goblin would only flee until it finds reinforcements. Supported by greater numbers, it would stand and fight.

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Session 6b – Goblins in the Morning

The good citizens of Winterhaven wake in a foul mood. Across the town and the farmland that surrounds, children are grumpy, parents are on edge, and the artisans and laborers unconsciously brace themselves for what already feels like a bad day. A few early risers on this morning might have taken a moment to look up and see Cam, Naivara, Abraxus, and Draper leaving town on the North road as the dawn gates opened. No four in Winterhaven would have a worse day than these…

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